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About Lady Beau Peep  

Lady Beau Peep - Photography by Tigz Rice www.tigzrice.com

Lady Beau Peep

Welcome to the world of Lady Beau Peep, an international singing burlesque sensation and seasoned comperé. Fusing stunning bespoke burlesque costumes, smooth vocals and cheeky wit. Lady Beau Peep delivers an exciting, vibrant and compelling show.

Lady Beau Peep is also an accomplished producer who's credits include artistic director at The Brickhouse (London) during 2012. She regularly performs at Bunga Bunga and Cellar Door in London, and in her local area of Berkshire.

“Lady Beau Peep, opened the show like a true burlesque legend. Taking to the stage with her magnificent voice, her presence is full of seduction and sensuous authority.”
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“......Outstanding, ......Unforgettable, ......Phenomenal.”

“Lady Beau Peep does a masterful act of keeping her flock in line and the pace up throughout the night” The Londonist

“It was all bridged together by Lady Beau Peep herself who has the right wit and cabaret cheekiness to hold the evening”
The East London Advertiser

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