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The Alchemy Beat Collective
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The Alchemy Beat Colective

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The Alchemy Beat Collective is an eclectic group of professional performers and musicians who, despite the challenges of a global pandemic, magically 'collected' to create something amazing and unique. Unfazed by the limited ability to meet in person they jammed remotely, fusing covers and original music of their own, into a vibrant and distinctive sound.

Clever Mashups are the main part of their inspiration combining sounds from across the decades and genres including Disco, Jazz, Latin, Blues and Pop.

Music is the thrust of the show, though where venue and themes permit, performances can incorporate live acts covering Circus, Burlesque, Drag and Comedy. The show will be original, quirky, powerful and above all fun.

The Alchemy Beat Collective is perfect for festivals and corporate entertainment.

The Alchemy Beat Collective

Musical Mashup Maestros

Alchemy Beat Collective ยท

Lead Vocal by Lady Beau
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